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I have never lost that childhood anticipation of walking onto the beach for the first time through a shady beach entrance, sandy feet, walking toward the roar of the ocean and bright blue sky, exhaling, the adventure begins. My paintings attempt to capture that emotion.

Having owned and worked for Creative Agencies for the last 20 years I have to say I am the happiest standing at the easel without the corporate hustle. This has led to a much happier place and it shows in the quality of work I now produce.

I’ve been able to bring those skillsets of understanding composition, tonality, hue, saturation, and storytelling into my paintings. The only difference is, with a canvas, there’s no ‘undo’ button!

I also work in digital animation as a successful NFT artist and in other creative pursuits but unplugging from the world with just a canvas, some paint, and an idea is a wonderful way to explore imagination.

Digital Artist


Imaginative, intricately detailed fun to watch animated digital artworks that each convey a compelling story, with a uniquely different art style.

These artworks are sold as NFT Digital Artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. For more information visit the website.

Trailer: The Time Keepers

Trailer for the Gold Series:
Liquid Gold, Sold.
Crypto Gold, Sold.
Covid Gold

Creative Developer

20+ years creative development.

Hobbies & Interests

A diverse range of interests, always creating, making, building, writing, designing, learning, it’s where I like to be.

Ancient History

My creative career began at university back in the 1990s’ studying Audio Engineering, working on the side as a professional camera op for a local news station. It was there I learnt how to get the shots you need, fast! Drive like maniacs, edit news stories and lodge before the 6pm broadcast. 

Work evolved into a production role working on live camera shoots, television commercials and corporate videos. It was here I discovered creative marketing where my skills progressed enough to offer design, animations and websites. This led to taking the reins and offering the full marketing gamete from campaign development, branding, web development, design and print media. 

Since then I launched, owned and worked with several Agencies and business partnerships. These days as a family man, working from home affords the luxury of driving my son to school and spending time on what I enjoy without the grid lock traffic. This leads to a much happier person and it shows in the quality of work I now produce.

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